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Yay! Here's what you need to know about my brand:

Bring Mommy A Martini is a humor blog where I talk a lot about parenting, but it's not your traditional "mommy blog." 

My voice is humorous and a bit sarcastic, and my content is geared toward women with a sense of humor and who want to be entertained. 

They are supermoms, super workers, super wives, and super friends, but they're looking for shortcuts and ways to cut corners without looking like they've cut corners.

They're into being nice as a person, and don't get put off by an eloquently placed f-bomb. 

Aside from parenting, other topics on the blog are weight loss, marriage, decorating & DIY, and travel.


My Readers

Have a sense of humor

Have older kids (elementary school age up to adult children)

Are women who have busy lifestyles, trying to balance family, work, and social lives

Want quick and easy recipes and household shortcuts & tips

Enjoy a fun, but not terribly complicated DIY

Are animal lovers - especially dogs (side note: never trust someone who doesn't like dogs)

Love quality time with their kids, but admit (if only to themselves) that sometimes an iPad has to be called in as a babysitter.


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Answers To A Few Questions I Get A Lot

I don't accept ads on my blog at this time.

I don't currently accept guest posts on my blog, but thank you for your interest!



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