What I'm doing now

  • Just published my first book, You Should Write A Book! , which released on April 1st (no joke!)  You can still order a signed copy.  Or you can buy on Amazon.com or BN.com (now available on Kindle, nook, and iBooks!)

  • Scheduling book signings and marketing events for You Should Write A Book! I had my very first at my local Half Price Books on June 4th!   Contact me here to schedule an appearance at your event.

  • Working on the manuscript outline for my historical fiction novel, based on the true story of my Nana

  • Answering emails that ask for my help with marketing, writing, and/or website building.

  • Creating these beautiful client websites:

  • Volunteering with my sweet Lilly, a certified Therapy Dog and Read With Me therapy pet.  She and I visit a local elementary school, where kids read stories to her while she snuggles and snores.  We also visit the Leander Public Library twice a month, where we do the same thing.  AND we go up to the Texas State Veterans Home in Temple, Texas, once a month to hang out with some very important former servicemen in the Memory Support wing.  

  • Writing articles and blog posts to make people laugh, or help them realize they're normal

  • Driving my youngest kiddo to hockey lessons and games, or trying to get my teenager to do his chores around the house

These are my priorities, and working on these things fills my heart.  I created this page because people always ask me what I do, or what I'm working on, and I'm always kind-of all over the map - so this list is a way to inform you of what I'm doing, but it also serves to keep me focused. 

I'm not taking new 1-on-1 marketing clients at the moment, but if you have a question or need advice, please email me at Kristan@BrazielMedia.com, and I'm happy to help you, or connect you with someone I'd recommend.

(this page was updated on 1/3/2017)