You're probably here because...

  • You read one of my articles and it was so real and non-judgy, it sounded like an email from your BFF and it blew your skirt up a little bit, so you wanted more.

  • You heard I recently published a tell-all book and you wanted to do some off-the-radar research and make sure I didn't include you in it.

  • You're bored to death reading all the other blogs out there, and wanted something you can actually relate to - and that sometimes even makes you belly laugh.

All that and more on my Blog


I'm Kristan


I'm a freelance writer, a blogger at Bring Mommy A Martini, and author of a book - my very first - You Should Write A Book! True Tales of An Unstable Life.

What I Write About

As a kid, I struggled with perfectionism, depression, anxiety, OCD, and undiagnosed ADHD - (basically, I was a freakin' disaster) all of which run in my family, and a few of which both my boys have unfortunately inherited.

I write about ways I've overcome some of these hurdles, thanks to the God-blessed pharmaceuticals industry and some techniques I've acquired as an adult.

I don't want to make it sound like my childhood was hard or sad - in fact, it was the opposite, thanks to my wacko parents and a naughty sense of humor - despite bumps here and there, all because my brain works differently than others.

I share stories about raising up these boys not to be a-holes, about marriage, hormones, dreams for my family and myself, and nostalgic trips back to the 80's and 90's (it's possible I peaked in high school). 

Oh, and (struggles with) weight loss.

I don't have anything life-changing or earth-shattering to offer.

I'm just a girl who wants to make people laugh with stories about life that we can all relate to.

Plus, I'm really good at cutting corners (I prefer to call it being efficient), and I like to share these tricks in the spirit of being helpful (I should point out here that I'm an intolerable approval tramp).

Located outside of Austin, Texas, where I live with my husband, our two boys, and three dogs, you'll typically find me writing or reading, or possibly hanging out with my kids, and most assuredly canoodling a Mexican martini.

Here's what I'm doing now