Super-fun Craft You Can Do Today To Win Room Mom of the Year Award

super fun craft to win room mom of the year award.png

There’s not really a Room Mom of the Year award.  At least, there isn’t at my kid’s school.  And if there were, I promise you I wouldn’t win it.  

The only thing I’m going to win is a shiny trophy for cutting corners.  

Because that’s what I’m best at.  People don’t know that, though.  

Every year (except last year, because I was overwhelmed and shirked most of my duties as co-room-parent, but thankfully my counterpart was kind enough to let me off the hook, and my son is oblivious, so he still thought I was doing everything for his class, making it a double-win for me) I come up with a craft for the class Christmas party, and every year people think the craft is soooo cute and so hard and complicated.

Y’all.  I don’t do things if they’re hard.  

My favorite path is the one of least resistance.

Saving myself time in any way I can is when I'm at my zone of genius.

There’s a line in the Beatle’s song “Day Tripper” - the opening line, in fact - where they say “Got a good reason for taking the easy way out.”  Anyway, - and a lot of people don’t know this - but that line was actually written about me.  

And my "good reason" is because I have other sh*t to do.

The craft I found for this year’s class party is super cute, and it’s also easier and faster to put together than it looks, which is one of my favorite things in life.

I found this one on the Creative Family Moments blog in her post titled, “Silly Fun Ornaments.”  Here’s a picture of what the end product will look like:

 Photo courtesy of Creative Family Moments

Photo courtesy of Creative Family Moments


The ornaments are based on an earlier post she wrote about making bookmarks with pictures of her kids to look like they’re repelling.  That’s where you’ll find the tutorial with her images.  

Here’s what you do:

  • After you take pictures of the kids, save them to your computer.
  • Now you’re going to add embellishments to the pictures - like Santa hats, etc., to make them Christmasy.  

Here’s the vid on how to do it:

  • After you get them all decorated and printed out, go back to Heather’s tutorial for the remaining steps.


Ohmygosh, this is going to make your kid so proud to have you as their room mom, or - if nothing else - it’ll make the other moms shoot you the stink-eye for making them look lame.

Now you!  If you try this, please share your finished product in the comments!